Ring Size

Know When You Can Resize Rings

Usually a ring can be adjusted two sizes in either direction.  More dramatic changes can begin to impact the look of your ring.

Increasing the size of a gold or silver ring typically requires gently hammering the ring around a sizing shaft. This will cause the shank of the ring to thin slightly and is a skilled art.  St James Jewlery Shoppe has over 30 years experiance resizing rings – we pride ourselves in the immaculate standards we hold all of our work to.

To increase a ring more than one full size or to adjust a ring with stones, we may prefer to make an incision in the ring to remove or insert extra metal. Although most jewlers will leave a visible seam or invisible weak point, we resize all rings to eliminate the risk of flaws.


Find Your Ring Size


Size your ring by printing this image

Print Me!

  • Print this page and cut out the ring sizer above
  • Cut a slit on the line labeled “A”
  • Place ring sizer comfortably around finger by slipping pointed end through the slit, numbers facing out
  • Secure the ring sizer by pulling the pointed end snuggly around your finger
  • Your approximate ring size should be the number that appears where it says “Read Size Here”.


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